To Business partners and friends of Bachmann


Let us inform you about the next important step in the existence of company Bachmann s.r.o.

In the summer of 2020, the owners of Bachmann s.r.o. agreed to sell the company to company Revendo. Due to the corona-crisis, the agreement was concluded only by a virtual handshake, with the official purchase being made two months later by the signing of a contract. This step is successful for both parties. Bachmann s.r.o. remains in “Swiss hands” and Revendo becomes a fully equipped service center with highly qualified staff, while also taking over repairs of devices with the Android operating system.

Bachmann s.r.o. is changed to Revendo Slovakia s.r.o. and will continue to provide all its services to current customers. With this step, Revendo expands to the EU and, after seven years in Switzerland, brings its “Upcycling” concept to other European countries.

In Bratislava, a fully equipped service center is being established, which will be focused on the purchase, repair and sale of refurbished Apple and Android devices on the European market. With the aim to expand to european market as soon as possible, Revendo has also taken over the subsidiary Bachmann Austria GmbH and plans to open its first shop in Vienna, Austria, in the coming months.

For more information visit our new website:

Recertification ISO audit


In December 2016, recertification ISO audit was conducted in our company in accordance with law prescribing this audit to be conducted every 3 year. We have successfully met all conditions and we got a new certificate valid until 15 September 2018.



At the end of 2016, we gave an unusual present to all our employees from our customer, Sony (a takeaway coffee cup). This present made all of us very happy and we would like to thank here for it.

2016 Team-building sport activities


In May 2016, our sports skills were tested in various team-building activities at the Action Park in Čunovo. We climbed various tracks at the rope climbing centre, placed boxes, took the cableway ride, and of course played our favourite football and tried archery and segway.